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  2. Well it's an hour until sunday. Might as well post some photo's now here it is, in all her glory! All fittings are 24ct gold plated Sponsor logo's are solid hand made 24ct gold. Whole Case, fans and motherboard has been custom painted with a pearl white and gold effect. Front of case is engraved and embossed gold. Side window is custom made, engraved and cut. Shroud features fools gold nuggets! Coolant is pastel white with gold particles. GPU and CPU blocks have been custom dull gold chromed. Reservoir and radiator custom dull gold chromed. mesh and vents custom dull gold chromed. Everything has had work done to it, and this build took me 3 months to complete. Will be taking more photo's on sunday or monday with a completely different backdrop and landscape for the cooler master world series. But these photo's are good for now.
  3. I've already entered Was really fun, especially shooting and editing on a cellphone. (I'm used to using my big DSLR)
  4. The new Team Group T-FORCE XTREEM RAM has arrived. With striking looks and a premium feel. This RAM looks like it was designed just for me! Project: Gold Rush is now Finished, and final photo's revealing the rest of the unseen design will be released on sunday night.
  5. Tonight i spent several hours working on the sponsors logo's for the front of the case. However, i noticed that the front panel would be down at shows, so the logo's would not be visible. So, i've placed on the top/side of the case. This is no ordinary vinyl. Each sheet of vinyl was covered with a fine layer of glue, and then 24ct gold leaf layed gently on top. Once dried, each logo was hand cut to achieve perfection, giving us nice 24ct gold logo's Like this And here is what they look like On top of this, i made a light stand for the project, while it's at shows or events.
  6. Update: Cablemod Cables arrived! Modflex gold and white full custom made set for the V1000 PSU. Absolutely love these and cannot thank CableMod enough, they really went out of their way to get this to me and their new lights which have only just been released. Put them on the PSU and took some sexy pictures Fitted the lights and turned them on.. (warning may cause drooling) More to follow
  7. Major update Window frame is now complete. Bringing me even closer to completion. the design was first Engraved and followed by cut. Once cut i painted them Should be finished modding by monday, then it's a case of waiting for the ram and cables to be completely finished.
  8. Been working with the block, and loop to perfect it. Here's what i've done last night. Added White to the logo's on the GPU block to make it stand out a little better. Shined everything up And made the fools gold passthrough a little deeper Today i will work on the window frame, and currently marking the progress at 65% complete.
  9. update: Watercooling It's been a little while, but everything is here now and i can crack on and get this build finished over the next week. GPU Block arrived I started getting the loop lined up using scrap tubes, to get the size right. Next thing i done was re-spray the GPU block to a nice shiney gold to match the CPU Block. i then messured and cut a 20mm hole out of the shroud for the passthrough. Now that was done, i needed to fill the loop and test for leaks.
  10. Update: Went out yesterday to buy some needed tools for the next stage of the project. I've also stripped down the ASUS Strix 1070 OC to it's undies, ready for blocking. (Block was due to arrive today, however it's been delayed until tomorrow) Larger update due tomorrow, along side a full video of the loop being done in a time lapse.
  11. yes TOWER MOD Your entry must be built with a Cooler Master Case. All Cooler Master cases are acceptable regardless of size or year released. A bonus 25th Anniversary Award is available for any entries that uses one of the pre-selected cases – See 25 Anniversary Award below.
  12. BIG UPDATE! This weekend i spent 7 hours, gold plating all the fittings from Alphacool. 7 HOURS!!! I was feeling exhausted by 2am this morning. So here's the fittings Chrome stripping took the longest, so i didn't video the whole process. After chrome stripping them, we left them in water to avoid oxidisation. We got bored doing them 1 by 1 So once they were all stripped properlyt and the chrome had gone leaving a yellowish nickle colour, it was time to start the exciting part
  13. Some more details about some finer details. Coolant The main coolant will be Mayhems pastel white (Milk) And with this i will mix some Gold aurora. Inside the case, on the shroud, i will have 3 gold bars mixed around with some pyrite fools gold. and finally mounted on the top of the case, aa gold and white custom xbox one controller with a custom gold xbox one adapter/receiver. New fittings arrive tomorrow, and hopefully i'll get started on 24ct gold plating those fittings this weekend. pictures to follow tomorrow