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  1. Thank you! it realy was
  2. Very interesting conception! I like that project. Realy nice!
  3. My last stage is cables, I need to hid it. I fixed power sockets unit under the table (on rear support). And fixed all cables on rear side. Well, it's done! Now I have only two cables to the table: one power cable and one hdmi-cable from PC to TV-panel. Also, I added one more HDD for information and sorted out cables a litle. There are two USB hubs: 2.0 on display stand, and 3.0 on front panel. Also, there are Wi-Fi and BlueTooth USB adapters, plugged in mobo. So, I need to open PC only for dust cleaning (or for the upgrade ). With that classic chair, my own work place is done! Thank you for attention, friends! Hope, you like my renewed wooden PC desk too!
  4. I was busy few days, but now I can continue my project works. I build my PC back, with riser yet. Also there is green LED, which installed under graphics card. I had trouble with that riser: there was noise from another units of the system. Graphics card worked bad. So, I wrapped it with aluminium foil. Now it works good But I'll find a good brand-name riser for future. Well, it's my gtx 1060 fixed on. Finally, I can connect my second display and see my system nearly done! Green LEd means nVidea, blue LED means Intel Also, my power supply has fan with blue LED, therefore its ventilation looks interesting too. I like my results. There is not so many work before ending yet: I should fix some staff and hid cables (video and power), and my project will done.
  5. I have the new raiser! So, I can start final building. In the first, I dismount all units I did it, because there was problem with power supply cooling. I need make some ventilation for it. After filing and painting I covered that hole with metall bar. Ventilation is ready.
  6. Thank you very much, Bob! I hope, it realy is
  7. Today was very long day. After driling holes I did it with file in few hours to good condition (on picture it's already clean, without sawdust) Then I painted holes in dark brown and did mounting holes for all units. And fixed units on. I used metall bars for fans (also they work like filters). I planned to use DeepCool fans with blue led there (on picture), but it was noisy. So, I replaced it back to Arctic F8 funs. Try to build and run the PC. There are some defects over the system control unit. I'll fix it before final build.
  8. My good friend did for me that cool wood plank for front panel on his furniture firm. I set it on PC with simple steel angles. There is slit, so the angles should be corrected. It's not end! I have some stuff, which will be installed on front panel: system control unit, two 80 mm fans and USB 3.0 hub. I am in the process of making holes for that.
  9. Thanks you, Bob! Your Krazy Case is realy cool project too.
  10. Today I set glass worktop to base. Before that I did rear support for it. Old worktop served as material. There was many manual sawing and filing. Support is done. I used simple confirmats for fixing support pannel into the table. Quality of manual sawing isn't good, some defects there are. May be I will order wood panels for my table in specialized firm in few month. Will see. I have special fasteners for glass, so it's fixed glass on base. Good. For complet happiness I just need to make front panel and get raiser. After that I'll fix some small things, and my project will be finished.
  11. My dark glass worktop is done! I have it already. I want see how it looks on. Good! I like it.
  12. I ordered the glass worktop in specialized firm today, but the base of my table should be modified before the installation this. In first, I need to stick the facing ribbon to the ends of the sidewalls. I'll use improvised means for that In process... Also, I need make the cut for cables in back wall of the table. I have hand tools only, so cutting quality conforms. Small defects will be painted. Ok, the base is almost ready. I should to get the glass worktop tomorrow, in the ivning. After that I'll use old worktop for making the PC rack front panel and rear support for glass.
  13. In waiting for new raiser I decided to make LED illumination of my sistem. It was maked in two parts of cable-channel, which was installed on the edges of metal panel (circled on red) So, let's try start it with custom CPU fan I like it. Camera some distors the color, in reality it looks like this So, the worktop replacement is waiting for me in the next. And I'm waiting for new raiser still. It's so difficultly, to find some good modding stuff in russian backwoods!