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  1. I see! Thanks for the answer. Well.. thats a shame. Do you know if there is any way I can put my hands on the software code and try to create a workaround? If I could get my hands on the software maybe I would be able to make the keyboard what I want it to do. Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I have a Trigger Z Brown switches keyboard. It feels really good to type one it. I'm enjoying the keyboard. But, I had a Razer blackwidow Chroma and It had some 'feature'(or not) that the Trigger Z does not have (Or maybe it do have but I don't know). Lets say that I'm using w,a,s,d for movement. And I'm walking foward keeping the key 'w' pressed. And I've assign to my macro key something like 'ctrl +1'. When I press the macro key holding the 'w' key (or any other key) it will stop the 'w' key's action. And I have to unpress the key and re-press it to keep moving on the game. I know this might sound like I'm being lazy. "Ah.. you just need to press it again, you're being lazy" But maaaan... I'm too damn used to quick pressing these macro keys while I'm in action. And this bothers me a lot. I've tried to configure using the software in diferent ways but no success. There is any way to do what I want it to do? Thanks in advance.