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  1. Pikachu Master Case Pro5 the MOD We are from Taiwan, we are twins brothers, 17 years old, found a lot of foreign modified MOD, when they are interested in, access to the changes, feeling very interesting, we both began to produce their own modified host . Last year popular POKEMON GO popular mobile games, when we also played for some time, this game can become a modified theme, so discuss with the brothers, decided to start planning the case, pokemon take too many roles, we choose the representative is Picacho as the theme , Is one of the most classic examples of this game. Specifications : Case: Cooler Master Case pro5 Power: Cooler Master V550 (550W) 80+ Fan: Cooler Master 12CM Jetflo x4 CPU: coer i5 6600k MB: ASUS Z170 AURA PRO GAMING RAM: AVEXIR DDR4 2400 Lightning SSD: AVEXIR S100 yellow light VGA: ASUS STRIX GTX980 4G Water cooling: bitspower