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  1. The winners of this year's Case Mod World Series have finally been announced. Tower Category 1st Place – VEGA by S.PiC (Russia) 818 Points 2nd Place – RAGE by Martin Muñoz (Colombia) 792 Points 3rd Place – The Old Book by MegaSkot (Serbia) 744 Points Scratch Category 1st Place – The Wheel Of Star by Modder Crow (Thailand) 775 Points 2nd Place – Codename J.A.C.K. by Krittanon (Thailand) 772 Points 3rd Place – Cyber Kitsune by Jaqueline “JACK” Abrao (Brazil) 766 Points 25th Anniversary Category MKTRX AMMO 315 by Ovidiu Gitlan (Romania) People’s Choice Award Elemental Infusion by Kanishka “Ash” Akalanka (Sri Lanka) Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone for participating in the largest Case Mod World Series to date. To find out more information check out the winners article on the MASTERBUILD page. Hope to see you all in next year's competition.
  2. Case Mod World Series 2017 Winners Revealed

    Sorry for the late reply. We have been busy with Computex. We are not releasing the rankings and scores to the public. If you would like to know more about your own project please contact Cooler Master modding via the email you were provided during the competition.
  3. Case Mod World Series 2017 registration is now closed. No new competitors will be accepted for this year's competition. Now we can actually get to the modding. Final submissions are now open. After you've finished your mod and your worklog you must complete the final submission form to be officially considered for prizes in this year's competition. You will be required to fill in all fields on the form and attach 5 photos of the completed mod. Failure to fully complete the form with accurate information will render your final submission incomplete. Make sure that all your identity information matches your registration info or your final submission form will be considered invalid. The final submission deadline is May 3rd, 2017. Any entries that fail to complete the final submission process before this date will be disqualified. The final submission form can be found on the cover of the official Case Mod World Series webpage: Please email us at if you have any questions.
  4. Calling all modders and PC builders to join the biggest case mod competition with cash & prizes worth over US $40,000. Cooler Master today announced the 8th installment of the annual Case Mod World Series. The global case modding competition invites anyone from first-time tinkerers to seasoned veterans to make and submit their creations from Feb 3rd to May 3rd. In celebration of Cooler Master’s 25th Anniversary, a bonus category has been added to this year’s contest to encourage entrants to commemorate the iconic products of the last 25 years and honor the classics with new pieces of modding beauty. Thanks to our great sponsors: Intel, ASUS, Nvidia, HyperX, and Dremel. Register now If you have any suggestions, feedback or issues with registration, please leave a post here or email us at:
  5. Case Mod World Series 2017 STARTS NOW !!!

    Did you register before March 31st? If you need you will need to submit your final images and information. Please check the website
  6. Final Submissions Open!

    If you are getting an error message when submitting through the email then please resize your images or send a Wetransfer link instead
  7. Final Submissions Open!

    Hi All, we are going through all the entries and once your entry has been processed you will receive the confirmation email. If your email has gone through then do not worry, you do not need to email in again to check yet. However, if you have not heard from us by the end of this week then you may email in to check the status.
  8. Final Submissions Open!

    Yes email us
  9. Final Submissions Open!

    Hi Jeffrey, The thumbnail picture we will need to resize as a square, but the most important thing is that all your photos are the same size so when people browse the photos, the size isn't jumping from different dimensions. Although if it has to be it is also fine. As for the photos, we usually suggest submitting 5 photos from different angles of the mod, along with zoomed in shots, and the main one is usually the one showing most of the mod, front angled and showing the side. It will show similar to the way the gallery is here If you have a specific request please email
  10. Final Submissions Open!

    May 3, 2017 at 11:59 pm (GMT - 11) Time zone is GMT - 11, LA timezone is GMT - 7
  11. In case your question wasn't answered, yes you can use parts from an old project as long as you are doing a completely new project and not just continuing the original one. I deleted your thread because it should have been posted in the Q/A thread.

  12. This is the official question and answer thread for the Case Mod World Series 2017. If you have any questions about the competition you can leave them here and someone from Cooler Master will reply to you in a timely fashion. You can also ask questions directly by sending this account a private message or emailing us at *Questions in this thread should only pertain to the Case Mod World Series 2017. Any questions or replies not relevant to the competition should be placed in the appropriate topic thread.
  13. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    Sorry for the delays. The office was closed Monday and Tuesday this week due to national holidays. We are backlogged with final day registrations. You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible. If you do not receive one by Saturday please contact us via the Case Mod World Series official email:
  14. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    The components play no role in the judging. You will be judged solely on the appearance and modding techniques used. You can and are encouraged to use older cases to enter the 25th Anniversary category. You can use components from 10 years ago if you want to. The brand doesn't matter as none of our judges are employees of industry brands.
  15. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    No you can use any Cooler Master case from any year. But registration closes March 31st so if you want to enter be quick.
  16. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    If you are using the materials for a completely new project and will be starting a completely new worklog then yes you can enter. Please make sure to register before the deadline on March 31st (this Friday).
  17. In celebration of Cooler Master’s 25th anniversary, we’ve added a BONUS category to the Case Mod World Series that gives the winner an additional $2500 plus prizes. The 25th Anniversary Award challenges modders to travel back in time and adorn some of our iconic cases of old with modern modding prowess. We have selected some of our most iconic classic cases to be used for both Tower and Scratch mods. ATCS Series WaveMaster CM Stacker Series Centurion Series Praetorian Series Cavalier Series Ammo Mystique Series CM Media Series On top of being entered into either regular category, participants in this category will be given the chance to win an additional $2,500 in cash plus $1,800 in components and a Dremel 3000 series rotary tool kit. That means all participants in this section can potentially take home a total of $7,500 in cash plus an additional $5,800 in prizes including two Dremel rotary tool kits. The winning mod could also potentially be displayed in our booth at Computex Taipei this year for our 25th Anniversary celebration. There’s just no reason not to try for this category. Currently (3/16/17) there are only 4 official entries for this category meaning the odds to win are still pretty good. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  18. For the first time, we have recruited a mixture of judges as a means to continue our mission of growing and diversifying the modding community. This year the panel will consist of seven representatives including Dave Alcock, representing bit-tech, Antony Leather, Dewayne Carel representing Modders Inc, Mhike Samsin of TantricmodZ, Cameron and Anthony representing TweakTown, Logan Hale representing Crit TV, and Tomi Adebayo representing UNILAD Tech. The registration deadline for this year's competition is March 31st. To get involved and stay up to date as the competition unfolds, please visit our official competition page:
  19. Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute

    So is this mod not yet finished? Need some more full shot pictures for the gallery.
  20. Case Mod World Series 2017 STARTS NOW !!!

    We have moved your worklog to the CMWS Scratch section. Here is the link:
  21. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    If you will be completely dismantling the case and building something that doesn't resemble the case then please register for the Scratch category. If you plan on preserving the integrity of the original case then please register in the Tower category.
  22. Master Maker ROG Edition

    We don't have you listed in our registration list. Please make sure to complete the official registration form by the deadline to be considered for prizes.
  23. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    It's fine if you're a moderator. The only people who can't enter are paid employees of Cooler Master.
  24. Case Mod World Series 2017 Q/A

    You can enter under the terms you described. We would be happy to have your entry. Make sure to register on time.
  25. Worklog

    We don't have you listed in our registration list. Please make sure to complete the official registration form by the deadline to be considered for prizes.