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    I switched out from a V series to..

    Actually I know now what my problem is and there is no problem.. I can easily switch out these 5 Pin for the new cables that are coming with the new PS.The peripherals and Sata are not 5 pin on both ends only on the end that connects with the PS so I can just throw them away and connect them as is. But I wish I knew why Cooler Master are the only ones that I know of who use these funky 5 Pin.. I don't get why!?! My new VGC and PSU are on its way.
  2. Hello everyone I recently switched out from a V series 1000 to another type of PS. My question is this.. What are those 5 Pin Molex connectors called that you see in this photo? As you see there are 5 of these 5 Pin connectors/SATA/PERIPHERAL ports but yet they call them 4 Pin? I don't understand this but anyway I am no longer going to be using these because I am switching all my wires and connectors out to 6 PIN with another PS. Please I'd appreciate if someone can tell me the exact name of these 5 Pin connectors and what wires can I use for the SATA/PERIPHERAL 6 PIN??? (I believe Cooler Master is the only one left using these 5 Pin connectors) Thank you all for you're help.. I am still using a HAF 932 and a few other components of Cooler Master..:)