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  1. André Mendes

    Cooler Master Mastercase Racing, Porsche 917 Le Mans Tribute

    As a car entusiast I must say this is one of the best case mods I've seen so far. Awesome work! Congratulations!
  2. André Mendes

    MasterCase 5 wobbling

    Hello all, I've recently bought a new (and sealed) MasterCase 5, as it still is the best case for my needs. I got home, took the case out of the box, put it on my desk and noticed that she wobbled a lot, like if one of the base feet was dent. Took it to the store, replaced it for another new MasterCase 5 and the same thing happened, so I had to return it again. Does anyone here have the same problem? I really wish to buy the 5t, but now I’m having second thoughts with this issue. Best regards, André