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  1. no the probe was fitted ok and i did think i had a faulty one at first but had a spare from my temp sensor system from my aero 4 so tried that same reading the water temp was getting up into thae 50c + aswell even on fan speed 3 i guess with my cpu clocked from 3ghz to 3.6ghz the aquagate could not cope it was a shame cus looked cool in my beantech full tower clear case. also the block was so hot ya could fry an egg on it so heat was being transfered ok just wasnt being taken away quick enough i guess putting a faster pump in the aqugate might have made a diff but deafeats the object a little bit i might as well have got a diff water cooling system like an astek waterchill with a faster pump and bigger radiator. after reading aquagate box which says high performance all over it i was under the impression it would be adequate enough to cope with cooling my cpu i dont think the product is usless just not good enough to cope with overclocked systems and had hoped for better performance from a cooler master product which clearly states high performance on the box. i have many cooler master products that are really good like my aero 4 which is u deffo the best air cooler i have ever had just a pitty the aquagate wasnt as good as i expected it to be.
  2. i have not stated that the product is faulty or otherwise i was just letting people know that is not a suitable unit for people overclocking there system and wanted to let peeps know so they dont damage there equipment as i nearly did a burnt out cpu is not a good thing and damage to your mainboard could also happen i have no problem with coolermaster products and have many in my system if you wish to remove my posts fine go ahead
  3. yes it was installed correctly i have been a full time tch for shop 6 years and have built 1000s of systems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,punctuation is what ya did at school just leave it out
  4. i have been i computers for at least 15yrs and have had a overclocked/ modded system for years before it became mainstream the aquagate sucked in my system and was installed correctly. i must admit it was my first venture in to water cooling and my last it was probably the biggest waste of time i have ever ventured in to and im glad i did not have to pay to try this pile of rubbish i pitty anyone who has one guess ya just dont push ya systems to the limit
  5. all these items and more can be purchased at http://www.thecoolingshop.com with free delivery anywhere in the uk
  6. hi just thought i would warn anbody thinking of buying an aquagate that overclocks there system dont botgher the unit can not cope with overclocked system at all even with the fan speed set to 3 which is maximum very noisy (should i say extremely noisy) ity could note cope with my clocked p4 system i am running an 3ghz p4 at 3.6ghz this is usually air cooled and i have no problems but i silly thought water cooling would be better how wrong was i after only 2 minutes of running at fan speed 1 my system was shutting down after that at fan speed 3 my cpu was still getting up to 60c and failing so i just went back to air cooling even at the height of summer this year my cpu never got over 32c thanks to my good old reliable aero 4 so if ya thinking of aquagate and ya clock just forget it i would hate to see what temp an amd would get to but i bet it would boil the water!!!