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    MasterLiquid Pro 2011 Narrow ILM adaptability?

    I currently do not have a MasterLiquid Pro, but I'm asking because I want to know if I can use it if I buy one. I did some more searching, and it seems like the mounting bracket I have will not work with the MasterLiquid, since it's meant to fit on top of the Seidon water block. It does seem like the MasterLiquid comes with mounts capable of fitting onto the narrow socket, but they can only be oriented in a single axis. This might mean that the tubes to either side of the water block would come into conflict with the RAM cards on my motherboard. What is the width of the water block? (Between the sides without the screws, including the water tubing)
  2. I have an ASRock X99E-ITX/ac motherboard with a 2011-v3 Narrow ILM socket. The motherboard came bundled with a water cooling mounting plate that ASRock specifies as being compatable with the Seidon series. The Seidon series isn't easily obtainable in the USA however, so would I be able to use this mounting plate with the MasterLiquid Pro series? Image of the motherboard and mounting plate