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  1. First i have strafe rgb the light is very good but the inability to custom the light without the software is kinda a cons for me, then i buy masterkeys pro s is a really great keyboard for me but i have to sell it again for change to a corsair k65 rapidfire so it pair for my scimitar mouse, then i got bored of k65 thick cable and i dont use the passtrough so 2 usb became annoyed me a bit, so i decide to purchase again brand new masterkeys pro a, and i love it, but a you say that they didnt have a plan to update software kinda dissapoint me, is a really great hardware, but inability to adjust the brighness level especially in color shift mode is really a liability, i love color shift mode, is the brightness though really blind my eye even in high lighting environment, please at least launch a new board base on masterkeys pro s/tkl or just update the software so cm brand can compare to the like of razor blackwidow fully supported many games, i hope you all have a great day, sorry for my rambling lol