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  1. Hi BobW, I was going to ask the same question but from what I can see, it depends on your existing fan configuration. In mine, I have 2 fans in front blowing towards the back, an exhaust fan on the back blowing out and an exhaust fan on the top blowing out. Most of the wind current is going from front to back so I am going to direct the Hyper 212 cooler fan towards the back also. Whatever disruption the cpu cooler creates from the radiator being in the way can be diverted through the top exhaust. At least that's the way I see it with my setup. You may have something different going on but this is an option.
  2. It's the same on many of these cooling models. I bought the Geminii S 8 years ago and bought the Hyper 212 EVO just 6 days ago and neither one specify 1151 socket. So it has nothing to do with older or newer manuals. I had to make 3 phone calls to make sure I was buying the right cooler because the specs don't tell you.
  3. I would have liked to see your link to "how to apply thermal paste cpu" but the page is so plastered with advertisements that you can't even move the page. When you finally can, advertisements cover what you're trying to look at. It was so ridiculous that I closed the page. It took 10 seconds and multiple clicks on the red X to finally close it. I mean, really?? I couldn't see where to reply so I am editing a reply: I had no problem logging on to the link but when I get on the page, the first thing that pops up is an advertisement that covers the whole page. I have to "x" out of that. Then every time I scroll down to see the pics, another advertisement slides up over the bottom of every pic. There is also a video advertisement between every paragraph and countless ones all the way down the right side of the page. After a while, there's so much ad activity that it freezes the page. It's just such a distraction when you're trying to take in the written information and look at the pertinent pics. I'm not ungrateful that you supplied an explanation, it's just hard to follow with all that ad activity is all I'm saying.