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  1. Hey guys It is advertised that I can mount three 140mm fans in front it the case. I recently bought a 140mm master fan But there is only mounting bracket for two. How can I mount the third one?
  2. Thanks for your response I've connected the pump connector into W_PUMP in the motherboard. In AI Suite application water pump speed is shown and there is a curve (it usually goes between 6500 to 9400rpm) but changing that or setting it to constantly run at full speed doesn't make a difference. I'll try and reinstall to see how it goes.
  3. Hello, I've recently purchased a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Pro 240 and I've mounted it on top of my CoolerMaster MasterCase Maker 5. but sometimes (more than not) it makes these weird noises like there is bubble inside the AIO. sometimes it's constant and sometimes it's not. the problem seems to be unaffected by the RPM of Fans or the Pump as I control them using AI Suite of my ASUS Z170 Sabertooth S (TUF) motherboard. I've attached the sound file. Should I return the cooler for warranty? Voice 006.m4a