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  1. Yup.... just booted up my PC for the day to find it at fucking 72 degrees idle. how is this product on the shelves?
  2. I've been using the Nepton 240M for a while now (1 year and a half estimate) and recently it hasn't been doing so good at cooling. i recently relocated my PC into my room as of getting a desk, a couple of days after moving it i looked at my temps and saw my CPU was doing horrendous playing at high 80's on a 4690K after trying a few things to see if i could get it to lower i ended up taking it out and cleaning it. after reinstalling although the temperatures were better, i was getting 60 in idle. went and got some new thermal compound today and installed it using that, sitting at 45 after booting, if i start up a game it shoots up to 70's, close the game and it sits at 60 idle. I'm not sure what my problem is here but i tried flicking my tubing and heard the liquid flowing as if it were stuck, i'm suspecting a clog as were some others trying to help me out but i just want to make sure it couldn't be anything else. Thanks in advance for any help.