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  1. I wanted to share my unpleasant experience with this case which otherwise is an excellent case: great build quality, good looks, good documentation but there is a big design issue. This case is sold as a turnable drive cage solution. It comes with the drive cages turned sideways and the manual shows how to turn them. Well, you can turn one of the 2 cages around but not the other because there is a BIG non-removable support bar in the way. I have attached a pic to show the situation. I feel that I have wasted my time and money on a very badly designed case as I can only have 3 HDD in this case and I don't like stacking drives one on top of the other so it's a real bust. Not only will I never buy another CM case but I will tell everyone I know never to buy another CM case. Your nVidia HAF case had no front Audio connector and all of the front panel USB ports were upside down. I would have thought that a company with your good name would be a bit more careful with your QA... I guess not. I am an unhappy customer.
  2. This is just an FYI for whoever is monitoring this forum. I just purchased a sealed MasterCase 5 from my usual supplier and the bag or sometimes box with mounting items like screws and brackets is missing. While I was buying this case another customer complained about the same thing. Not a problem for me as I have MANY spare screws but this would be a showstopper for many customers. I am not looking for any resolution to this issue. I am just alerting you that there is a QA issue.