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  1. Pls cooler master, update ur software and remove this fucking delay and it will be perfect... god mode isn't god, the delay is freaking notable and the same as type myself each letter on the keyboard
  2. Solved, but the macros are pretty slow and sure have delay on it, even in ''god'' mode
  3. I have a new trigger z keyboard, i configurated macros for it in the software and i can't use the macros on the key i choose and can't either change LED with fn + f1 to f4, some ideas on how to fix it? EDIT: led works fine, macros don't, i press the key i configurated the macro in (M1) and nothing happens
  4. In Cooler Master website, at ''Trigger Z'' section, there is no software to download. But at ''Trigger'' section, it does, but i have a Trigger Z keyboard, so, does Trigger software works for both ? If it doesn't, can someone show me where to download Trigger Z software? And last question: this is the software where we can make the keyboard macros/profiles, isn't it ?