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  1. Hello everybody!! I'm back!! I did some tests with some fans and watercooling radiators. The MasterFans it's too difficult to configure with the ChassisFan plug. The fan go too fast and take noise. I can control the RPM only with the CPUFan plug. The standard fans are very good, silent and efficient!! I replaced the MasterLiquid 240 with a MasterLiquid 140 because the MasterFan have got a problem when you put the face down for throw the air upwards. At this moment the computer is very very silent. Now i post some picture to let you see my configuration.
  2. Hi Wilhelm, i've got only 3.0 logo illuminated.. the USB plugs aren't illuminated.
  3. Hi Michel, the standard fans haven't got the 4 pins.. but i can control the RPM from the main board
  4. Hi Jim, i've got the same idea for the 280 radiator.. but there's a problem with the dust. If you put the fan under the radiator there's not a problem because it don't pull up the dust. Today i've got some problems with the MasterFan 140 Air Pressure. I can't control the speed. If i connect the fan at the CPU Fan it's all ok, but if i connect at the Chasis Fan, it just goes over 1100 rpm. And at this speed it make an annoying noise. Anyway.. as soon as i finish to assembling my computer, i send you some picture. Thanks for all. Bye!!!
  5. Your welcome!! A little advice. If you can improve the air flow on the top, you must remember to not to use a 280mm radiator, because the slot it's too small (max 297mm, the MasterLiquid 280 it's longer), and i don't recommend the MasterFan because if you put this fan with the face down for let out the air upwards, it starts to vibrate so that emits an annoying noise. It's a shame, because the MasterFan are fabulous, silent and efficient. I recommend a 140mm radiator to put to the back slot. The top handle it's very strong, although i prefer for safety to keep it from under. Remember to use a Main Board with 2 slot of USB 3.0.. i've got a Crosshair V Formula with only a slot. Result, i can use only two USB 3.0 out of four.
  6. Hello everybody! I've bought a MasterCase Maker 5T last week. It's a super case! Modularity and versatility are unsurpassed and it's the most beautiful case i've never seen. But it has a small problem. the top of case it's too closed for a liquid cooling. The air is hard to go out and the radiator is hard to cool. With a AMD FX-8350 under stress and the top cover open, the cpu goes to 35°C. But when i close the top cover, it goes to 44-45°C. It's a small flaw. But otherweis it remains the best case.