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    MasterCase Maker 5t Owners Club

    It's the best case i ever see!
  2. Hello everybody!! I'm back!! I did some tests with some fans and watercooling radiators. The MasterFans it's too difficult to configure with the ChassisFan plug. The fan go too fast and take noise. I can control the RPM only with the CPUFan plug. The standard fans are very good, silent and efficient!! I replaced the MasterLiquid 240 with a MasterLiquid 140 because the MasterFan have got a problem when you put the face down for throw the air upwards. At this moment the computer is very very silent. Now i post some picture to let you see my configuration.
  3. Dark_93

    LED-Light at 4 USB entrances on the front side

    Hi Wilhelm, i've got only 3.0 logo illuminated.. the USB plugs aren't illuminated.
  4. Dark_93


    Hi Michel, the standard fans haven't got the 4 pins.. but i can control the RPM from the main board
  5. Hi Jim, i've got the same idea for the 280 radiator.. but there's a problem with the dust. If you put the fan under the radiator there's not a problem because it don't pull up the dust. Today i've got some problems with the MasterFan 140 Air Pressure. I can't control the speed. If i connect the fan at the CPU Fan it's all ok, but if i connect at the Chasis Fan, it just goes over 1100 rpm. And at this speed it make an annoying noise. Anyway.. as soon as i finish to assembling my computer, i send you some picture. Thanks for all. Bye!!!
  6. Your welcome!! A little advice. If you can improve the air flow on the top, you must remember to not to use a 280mm radiator, because the slot it's too small (max 297mm, the MasterLiquid 280 it's longer), and i don't recommend the MasterFan because if you put this fan with the face down for let out the air upwards, it starts to vibrate so that emits an annoying noise. It's a shame, because the MasterFan are fabulous, silent and efficient. I recommend a 140mm radiator to put to the back slot. The top handle it's very strong, although i prefer for safety to keep it from under. Remember to use a Main Board with 2 slot of USB 3.0.. i've got a Crosshair V Formula with only a slot. Result, i can use only two USB 3.0 out of four.
  7. Hello everybody! I've bought a MasterCase Maker 5T last week. It's a super case! Modularity and versatility are unsurpassed and it's the most beautiful case i've never seen. But it has a small problem. the top of case it's too closed for a liquid cooling. The air is hard to go out and the radiator is hard to cool. With a AMD FX-8350 under stress and the top cover open, the cpu goes to 35°C. But when i close the top cover, it goes to 44-45°C. It's a small flaw. But otherweis it remains the best case.