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  1. It's quite simple, due to the poor coolant fluid quality, you have some gunk in the water block and in the loop, hence the performance drop. Your pump will soon follow and die like mine and countless others did. Poor product avoid it if you can.
  2. 19 Week Days! and not solved. Great! "Mr bos" the support guy instead of answering to my last messages just closed it, i mean he closed the ticket when the situation is clearly not solved... Is this how Cooler Master employees are told to do their jobs? xtian1 what plateform do you need to give me the informations? and thanks for the link but i know the Law and Cooler Master should be solving the whole thing without ANY question too.BUT DO NOT... First time i deal with Cooler Master, definitely the worst service i've experienced. I let my attorney doing the job now and get my money back and more for the waste of my time.. In the mean time, i will repost everything on social medias, to prevent others to experience this. Time to sum it up: Premium price, sub-part product and mediocre services.
  3. 15 opened days, 20 in total... and we are not done yet! Here we go again, the support guy is going silent, i waited weeks to finally get the RMA, should i wait weeks to get the prepaid shipping? I DON'T THINK SO. I'm not asking for charity here, barely asking for Cooler Master to respect the laws and doing his job. I think i've been patient enough i can't wait anymore, i'm going to buy another cooler from a reputable brand this time. Besides I'm now asking for the full refund of my product, since Cooler Master failed to replace it in a reasonable time. Today January 16, i gave the green light to my attorney (his name is in the ticket) and also sent everything to the DGCCRF. I consider the case out of my hands. Can you please xtian1 PM me the mail of a supervisor or person in charge and the mail of the Cooler Master legal services?, Mr Bos refuse to give them, asked by my attorney. Thank you.
  4. xtian, Of course i'm upset, it could have been a smooth experience without hassle, but no...Mr Bos decided for whatever reasons that it must be a real pain in my neck to fulfill his duty. So yes, again, i'm upset! and have all reasons to be - Dead product, endless mail exchanges, a render machine unusable, Potentially damaged my CPU during an overnight render and a dead pump, waste of my time and money. 13 days and still waiting for the prepaid to send the package back! i'm really close to request a simple full refund instead of an exchange, not sure i will endure 4 more years with CM after this experience.
  5. To put everything in perspective: The Nepton died Dec 27 and we are Jan 12! for an under warranty product! and still counting....
  6. Hi, I finally got the RMA, after an annoying and unnecessary fight with Mr Bos. Now another problem arise on the shipping costs area. As the EU directives states the whole transaction in that case ( RMA) must be transparent without any significant inconvenience, free of charge for the consumer / Backed with the FR Laws ( -, Art L217) And yet i asked for the usual prepaid (always get it) and got a NO as an answer, which is not acceptable, laws are here for everyone. I also asked him, to avoid more waste of my time, the mail of his supervisor and legal services 4 times without any answer. Here a sample of Directive 1999/44/EC : The Directive applies to · any defective movable consumer product · any seller, that is to say any person who, under a contract, sells consumer goods in the course of their trade, profession or business · a producer, meaning the manufacturer of consumer goods, the importation of goods or any other person who purports to be a producer by virtue of their name, brand or other distinctive sign The directive calls for · a guarantee of at least 2 years for new goods (or longer if the Member State wishes) where the seller will undertake without extra charge to reimburse the price paid or to replace and/or repair consumer goods if they do not meet the specifications set out in the guarantee statement or relevant advertising. · a guarantee of at least one year for used goods (except those sold by a private seller) The goods must · comply with the description given by the seller and posses the same qualities and characteristics as other similar goods · be fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase. · are fit for the purpose for which goods of the same type are used · show the same quality and performance, which are normal in goods of the same type and which consumers can reasonably expect. This will also take into account any public statements made about the specific characteristics of the goods by the producer, seller or in their advertising. Exceptions will only be allowed if it can be shown that the seller could not reasonably have known about any defect (or “lack of conformity”) beforehand or that the buyer should have reasonably known about a defect (or “lack of conformity”) beforehand. If a defect appears during the first six months following purchase the consumer will not have to prove the product was defective at the moment of delivery. The onus will be on the seller to prove the product was without defect. A consumer will have up to two months following the discovery of the fault to inform the seller. If a defect becomes apparent within the two, or one year, period depending on the type of goods, then the consumer has the right to choose a remedy using the following hierarchy. They can · Demand repair or replacement within a reasonable time and without any significant inconvenience. free of charge. · If this is impossible, unaproportionate or cannot be done within a reasonable time or without significant inconvenience then the consumer can demand a price reduction or can rescind the contract (though not if the defect is minor) All these rights are free of charge to the customer.
  7. More than 10 Days and radio silence!! my Post here stay ignored by Cooler Master, same goes for my tickets. Amazing job i have to say (not), definitely not impressed. Case sent to my Attorney.
  8. Hi, So here come the post on the forum, to share my little CM ticket adventure. After less than 2 years my Nepton 240M died, like many around, making me genuinely questioning the quality of the product!. I had to suffer with the noisy pump, noisy fans since day one and now a dead pump. I opened a ticket the Dec 27 to request a RMA and got a poor/automated answer telling me to see directly with my re-seller, which of course i did before opening my ticket. The reseller answer is clear, they only cover it during the first year and the rest is the manufacturer obligation and responsibility (and it is in EU). I'm now in a circle jerk where my re-seller tell me to see with CM and CM tell me to see with my got the idea..., in the mean time in without cooler and wasting a huge amount of my time on a supposed to be easy RMA! Get you acts together Cooler Master! be professional and do your damn job!. My product have a 5 years warranty (1 taken by the reseller). RMA No.:CNLFR1612022 (RLN24M24PKR11150501725) Case 00099324 : ref:_00D90rRe6._500901WGFWQ