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  1. Nice! thanks for your post, they are very helpful Maybe for me, the better option is go for 240mm radiator water cooling.
  2. Hi all. I need to known, Which is the maximum radiator size supported by Haf 922 (http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/haf-922/). I'm thinking buy one with 280mm like h115i of corsair or MASTERLIQUID PRO 280 of CoolerMaster. Best Regards.
  3. Hi all. I need recomendation for water cooling for me Haf922, I have a fx8350 oc 4.5ghz and it is very hot. Now Im using a H80i of Corsair but it is failing (clicking noise and low performance) so, Im thinking in a more bigger radiator like a 280mm but not secure if it fit in the case (haf922) Can some helpme? Best regards.