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  1. Master case pro5 Thumb screws stuck

    The two on the main side panel i was able to remove by using a rag for added grip, This did not work for the back panel. And the thumb screws in the case are in to narrow/deep to really get my fingers in there. I saw a pc build on youtube were the guy used a screwdriver for this exact issue and worked no problem for him so im just going to have to find a bigger screwdriver to use. Im really happy with this case, And overall is very nice with lots of room to work with.. But for the price i paid i should not be having this issue with it. There called thumb screws for a reason.. They shouldn't be tightened with such force.
  2. Hi, Im new to the forum and this is my first PC build so please bare with me. I just got my case a week ago or so, I wont be building for a month still but i was going over the case and just checking it out and noticed all the thumb screws are super tight, To tight i cant get any of them off. Except for two on the side panel that took my more then 5 minutes to loosen. When the case is shipped is this normal? And if so how am i to loosen these screws. They do have a insert on them for a screwdriver but what kind is that that i need... Ill bet most of you reading this are thinking wow this guy is an idiot LOL... Ya your probable right But i could still use a hand here. Thank you.