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  1. Hi. So i have decided on this keyboard for my first mechanical keyboard but rapidly reconsidered upon finding that this keyboard is only available in brown switches, Despite on the product page it states "available in five different colors" So why am i seeing only brown (On this and every site this keyboard is available) and were is the option to order this in blue? And if not, Why not?
  2. The two on the main side panel i was able to remove by using a rag for added grip, This did not work for the back panel. And the thumb screws in the case are in to narrow/deep to really get my fingers in there. I saw a pc build on youtube were the guy used a screwdriver for this exact issue and worked no problem for him so im just going to have to find a bigger screwdriver to use. Im really happy with this case, And overall is very nice with lots of room to work with.. But for the price i paid i should not be having this issue with it. There called thumb screws for a reason.. They shouldn't be tightened with such force.
  3. Hi, Im new to the forum and this is my first PC build so please bare with me. I just got my case a week ago or so, I wont be building for a month still but i was going over the case and just checking it out and noticed all the thumb screws are super tight, To tight i cant get any of them off. Except for two on the side panel that took my more then 5 minutes to loosen. When the case is shipped is this normal? And if so how am i to loosen these screws. They do have a insert on them for a screwdriver but what kind is that that i need... Ill bet most of you reading this are thinking wow this guy is an idiot LOL... Ya your probable right But i could still use a hand here. Thank you.