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  1. madwheel

    RMA Status?

    I got the same one as well. it's a big upgrade from what I sent as far as efficiency goes, so I'm happy about that. Of course I wish it went faster, but the upgrade to a new model/new condition replacement restored my faith a bit.
  2. madwheel

    RMA Status?

    That's hilarious that you said that, because mine just did the same. Hopefully we're both getting power supplies soon. I'll update you on mine, and please do the same for me. Best of luck.
  3. madwheel

    RMA Status?

    My thread is right below yours on the forum with the same issue. I think my showed up in the warehouse on the 9th. So it's now been 20 days, or 15 business days, and I haven't heard anything yet.
  4. Hi CoolerMaster, I sent my 850W PSU in for an RMA and I see that you guys received it on January 9th. I'm not angry but it's been close to 3 weeks now without the power supply and I'm really hoping for some sort of an update. If you can do anything to help with this please let me know. I can provide tracking as well. RMA: CUSUS1701022 Regards
  5. I'm no rep, but have you hooked up your PSU to a good surge protector or UPS system? My Cooler Master PSU has been great aside from a fan issue. Even my cheapo PSUs on test machines have never failed, but they've always been protected from spikes.