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    computer crashing since fitting watercooler!!

    hay Mohd, Thanks for the quick reply. i've disconnected, reinstalled and its working alot better now thanks. getting idle temps of 28/30c and under load 45/55c. God knows what i'd done the first time round. when i removed the base from the CPU for cleaning all looked good!? thanks again.
  2. Hi people hope you can help, so i got my new gaming rig last Christmas and it's been cool bananas all year not a problem running battlefield 3/4 some steam games. Just before this Christmas got bf1, star wars battlefront and the division. like i said no problems what so ever and this was all on the stock cooler. (i know hard to believe) Anyway got a cooler-master seidon 240v for this Christmas but since fitting it 9 days ago my PC has crashed to blue screen and rebooted 5 times now!!! installed as the instructions said, connected the fans to the CPU_FAN header and the pump to the CPU_OPT. <<<<< is this right?? through the bios I've set the CPU_OPT at full speed as a read on some forums that the pump should be running at full speed all the time and the fans on the CPU_FAN are controlled by the computer/temp sensor <<<<<< is this right??? downloaded Speedfan 4.52 & Speccy to watch the temps. at idle my cpu temp is around 29-32c with the pump running at 2136 rpm and the fans at 770-830rpm. but when i'm gaming i'm getting temp spikes of 77/80c!!! just not sure what to do now. have i set up right? should i take it out clean the CPU and water block and apply paste again and see what happens? i know one thing i had no crashes or blue screens till i fitted this cooler. system specs are case AVP venom blue VE-10B OS windows 10 - 64bit CPU I7 4790k @ 4.00Ghz not OC'ed Ram 2x4Gb corsair vengeance Mobo Gigabyte Z97x-gaming plus Graphics card Nvidia/Gigabyte GTX 960 4Gb Storage 240Gb SSd main drive / 1Tb Seagate SShd