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  1. Ok, after days of troubleshooting I finally found the solution. There were two problems causing this annoying vibration thump. 1.- Bad fans that came with the masterliquid pro 240. 2.- Both fans were plugged in into system fan 1 and 2 (4pins each) respectively. --------------------------------------------------------- To solve the issue: I replaced both fans and I connected both fans into system fan 1. Now, the mobo controls both fans as one and they are synchronized. As it turns out, both fans must be synchronize in order to eliminate thump vibration. This vibration got worse because the fans were not stable as well. If anyone is having this problem: Replace both fans and connect both fans to system fan 1. Also, make sure the thump vibration is coming from the radiator where the fans are attached to and not the pump. If the problem is the pump then the unit is faulty. On a side note: If you replace the fans make sure they have the same airflow as the originals.
  2. Hello everyone, Computer spec: Windows 7 pro Western digital HD Gtx 1060 6g 16 gigs ddr 4 i5-6600K 3.5 GHz Gigabyte Z170-HD3 mobo Corsair 750 D Obsidian series Master Liquid cooling 240 Cooler Master Seasonic Prime Titanium 750 w power supply Temp Idle 19C Underload 35C Cooling pump: 9650 Rpm --- Connected to the CPU Fan --- Controlled by Mobo. Cooling fan 1: 1260 rpm --- Connected to the System fan1 4 pins. Controlled by Mobo Cooling fan 2: 1260 rpm --- Connected to the System fan2 4 pins. Controlled by Mobo Yesterday I finished my custom build. After probably 15 minutes the entire case was vibrating and there was a humming sound coming from the top of the case where the fans of the master cooling are placed. The sound goes up then down, then up, then down. If you I put my hand at my desktop you can feel the rhythm. Also, when I placed my hand on the top back of the case and put some pressure the problem goes away. I took the cooling system down and I resembled again. Someone suggested to replace the fans of the cooling system. Someone suggested that the two 120 mm fans should be connected (as one) to the CPU fan and the pump to the system fan 1, 2, and 3 (4pins Mobo Controlled). At this point I do not know what could be the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Update 1: After further inspection one of the screws that hold one of the fans against the radiator was damaged. Meaning, no matter how many times I tighten it up it will not lock in place. I replaced the screw with a bigger one to see if that solve this issue. Update 2: The problem is still there. However, the vibration is not as much. I will attempt to put some rubber washes at the top of the case between the screws and the case (from the outside). The original washers that came with the case were to big. Update 3: So I installed rubber washers and I removed the four middle screws (from the top outside). This reduced the amount of vibration coming from the fans (case). Today I am going to replace the fans. When I stopped the fans the vibration was gone.