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  1. Sean

    Dragon Den

    My build is AMD Ryzen 2700x, asus rog crosshair VII hero ( WIFI ), with 64 gig Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3000Mhz ram. With Samsung M.2 960 pro 250 gig, with Kingston 250 ssd and 3 times 2tb mechanical harddrives. Antech mercury 360 AIO. With Nvidia ASUS Rog RTX 2060 strix oc 6gig . With 2 times 24in Samsung LED screens at 60hz main screen is 144hz curved 23 in ViewSonic 1920*1080. With Rocat mouse and Red dragon mechanical keyboard and Logitech G633 headphones. And 3 120 ml Corsair rgb fans. All in a Fractal R6 gunmetal case.
  2. Sean

    Ice dragon build

  3. Sean

    Ice dragon build

    Thanx more is comming
  4. My CM trooper build. To ICE DRAGON