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  1. Otso Rimpiläinen

    Lights problem

    I got the lights working but now I can't change the color in static mod...
  2. Otso Rimpiläinen

    problem with my mouse

    So I recently bought a masterkeys lite L combo and when I try to change the color of my mouse (dpi+forward button) it doesn't change it from red to any other color. What can I do?
  3. Otso Rimpiläinen

    Lights problem

    So I bought a new pc and cooler master master keys lite L and everything was working until I got update on my windows 10. Now the lights of my mouse won't turn on.
  4. Otso Rimpiläinen

    mouse problem

    sorry I am new here. I have Windows 10.
  5. Otso Rimpiläinen

    mouse problem

    So I bought cooler master masterkeys lite L and everything was fine until I got update on my Windows. Now the lights of my mouse aren't working. Help me!
  6. Otso Rimpiläinen


    Lights of my mouse are not working.