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  1. Incase I'm wrong pointing out the type of case. what i meant is this case for ATX motherboard you only need to add 2 more expansion slot on the back IO. And BAM! MASTERCASE PRO 5 C instead of micro ATX case I'M SOLD Thanks for your attention
  2. Hello i'm a new member, And I'm the user of CM 690 II advanced, huge fan of Coolermaster products since the first CM 690. I was wondering in the near future will you make a compact ATX case in the CM 690, Masterbox, or MasterMaker series. i saw the masterbox 3 layout is amazing but it is an MAtx case. all other manufacturers have a compact ATX case with clean design (ex: phanteks P400, NZXT S340, Jonsbo W4, Fractal even releasing the Define C series), and other electronic components are getting smaller and space efficient (Powerfull GPUS are getting smaller, SSDs' is getting more capacity, people are moving to M.2 SSDs') I think you should consider this space efficient approach. instead of making towering size cases. modular case like the master maker is a great thing, but that masterbox 3 layout keeps me awake at night. if only it was an ATX case please make the ATX version I'm gonna wait if there will be a compact ATX case with clean design. afterall you are my favorite case brand hahahahhahaha if you will make them call them: CMC 690 (CoolerMaster Compact 690) CM Master S Box (CoolerMaster SImple BOx) CM C Maker ( CoolerMaster Comfy Maker) hahhahaha i prefer the CMC 690 though regards From Indonesia