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  1. Just wanted to update the status of this issue: CM replied to my ticket saying that it's "normal" that some key-combinations won't work in the MasterKeys Lite L as it doesn't have NKRO; I replied that on their website they do not say NKRO but they do say it has anti-ghosting up to 26 keys; their reply was that it apply to only a subset of keys (which is not mentioned anywhere). Also, CTRL and SHIFT are modifier keys, so it's kind of their job to work while other keys are pressed. As I would have liked to know it beforehand, it seemed right to update this thread; the problem is in the MasterKeys Lite L with italian layout: I have no idea if this is also a problem in other layouts. Regards.
  2. Hello. I hope this is the right place. I've recently received the MasterKeys Lite L bundle (keyboard + mouse), italian layout: it seems a nice product, nice feeling and design. But it had a problem: it doesn't trigger the keys when pressing in combination "left ctrl" + "left shift" + "P" (also other keys, but not all of them; like "left ctrl" + "left shift" + "F" and "left ctrl" + "left shift" + "I" works). I thought it was a faulty one and asked for a substitution; the new one arrived today and it has the same exact problem. I already opened an issue through CM support, but in the meantime I was curious to know if this happened to others as well. Regards and sorry for my bad english.