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  1. HI , All so I returned that Master Liquid Pro 240 and got my refund .. ( because it was returned within the 14 days of buy. ) and all they had left was Master Liquid Pro 120 . I was desperate needing heatsink .. Wow , I am so glad I did buy this Master Liquid Pro 120 . nothing else fix in my case and it tight but works perfect. I can hear think smooth and quiet.
  2. I will try again tonight if not I still am under the 14 days return time. I just did not want to take out the motherbroad out again .. but I used this computer for work and play. thanks again
  3. I brought a CM LiquidMaster Pro 120 5 days now and from day one it is making a grinding noise. I have reseat twice..It is making me crazy !!! I have checked so many time . sounds like the a small gear spining.. any solution out there ?? I just hate taking out my motherbroad and starting all over again, 20161202_070950.mp4
  4. I just brought the masterliquid 120 and I am getting the same noise . I have reseated twice but it is still there .. it is driving me crazy !!! I have about 5 days to return but Damm it kills me to have to remove the motherbroad to remove the bracket.. Geez what was your solution ?