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  1. Hey I've re-mounted the radiator and the water bloc, the pipes on the block are now at the bottom and not the side, hoping this will help, i have also given it a shake to try move any air in it. Going to let it run for 24 hours to break it in on the new set up but does make the noise at times. I'll post what its like tomorrow when I can to keep you updated. also i tried speedfan but I'm not sure as to which is my water brick and fans as speedfan has some strange naming system for mine and i'm not 100% on what to change in the BIOS and don't want to mess anything up. Thanks for the tips and help
  2. I bought my seidon 240P about a week or 2 ago but from the day i got it the pump (im guessing) has been making this like humming sound it will do it and then stop the noise and then start again, my cpu is running about 36*c but i don't know why its making this sound and can't find anything about it or how to fix it, and i don't know if i should take it back and get a new or something. Or if i need to change how it is installed but the pipes are too short to fit to the front of my case