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  1. I have two hybrid GPU's in my MasterCase 5, but have top mounted both radiators blowing air out. My CPU (6850K running 4GHz) is air cooled with a 212 EVO, and never gets above 52C when everything is under extreme load (both GPUs and CPU running 100%). The front of the case is dedicated to air input and I have all drive bays removed. I'm considering another hybrid GPU and will try to rear mount that radiator blowing out. Kind of a specific build, but I hope it helps.
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    That board is the same size as an EVGA X99 FTW K, which barely fits, but is tight for some cable management. This thread might help.
  3. Edit: Fullsize EATX (12x13) doesn't fit in this case and neither does an SSI EEB. The EVGA X99 FTW is bigger than a typical ATX, but not near as big as a full- size EATX. Edited the title to say ATX+ so that someone just reading the title doesn't think EATX does fit. Original Message: I know an EATX MB (eg. EVGA X99 FTW) will fit in a MasterCase 5. Does the case have a the stand-off locations for an SSI EEB MB? I know they are the same size, but I've read the attachment screws are a different pattern.
  4. This case is awesome for my daily driver and I have no desire to take a dremel to it. I'll definitely look into the 2nd gen frames when they come out to see if it will work for a dedicated 4 GPU box with tons of ventilation. Either a slightly larger 5 or a 7 pro ( which would fill a hole in your line-up). If you need a beta tester, let me know.
  5. This probably isn't a modification for this case as much as a recommendation for MasterCase full tower version. This application may be very specific to my use case, but here goes, but I'm sure others would love to use an EATX motherboard. It would be awesome if this case had an extra .75" for a motherboard and an additional slot exposed. This would enable an EATX motherboard, like an EVGA X99, and 4 hybrid GPU's. This would make this case awesome for a reasonable sized dedicated folding rig. I would be okay making the case .75" taller to accommodate this, but maybe your engineers can figure it out without that. The attached picture only has a 2 GPU's, but another will be in the box shortly. Can't fit the 4th due to the limitations described.
  6. Sorry for the super slow response. Yes, they are rotated 90 degrees because it's the only way they fit. With the mod suggested, I could turn them 90 degrees and have them fit correctly. I didn't use a drill to mount the radiators (could have), but basically used some big washers to get them to hold tight. I love the case.
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  8. I would like to see the opening in the top just a few millimeters wider so there is more flexibility to move radiators around. The EVGA Hybrid's don't quite line up, and slightly more space to move the radiators around so the screw holes can line up wouldn't hurt anything. See attached photo. Note: this isn't about changing distance between mounting holes, it's about making the total width of the space available for the radiator larger by just a few millimeters. Then I could move the radiator just a little bit for the holes to line up.