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  1. now that the case is built lets start on the loop the adapters i got didn't quite fit so i had to finagle them a bit now that that is dealt with ill construct the loop im going to take a moment and paint the mobo heatsinks now back to the loop im adding a drain valve PRO TIP this will save your life now to weld the pipes together (i could probably use somekind of glue but where is the fun in that? now a quick polish now for the fill sweet no leeks time to hook up the cables aaaaaand it boots ok lets make it glow shall we? i just love the yellowish orange
  2. now that the outside in mostly done im going to work on the inside starting with the shelf now that i have some measurements i can start cutting i like to use masking tape as a guide gota cut the hole for the rad test fit t now to remove the mobo tray and rear io they are held in by rivets that can be drilled out another test fit now to paint them i chose copper paint and i think it looks sharp ITS STAIN TIME ONE LAST LOOK WITH THE GLASS ON BEFORE I CLER COAT IT BEAUTIFUL
  3. update got the tempered glass panel and its pretty
  4. now to scavenge some parts from the case gonna need this and this and the top saving this for later now to trace and cut the panels for the front and top almost there its starting to look like a case
  5. now its time to cut some wood I already cut a large plank to the right size now ill cut the holes for the rads on the top and front piece doing a little test fit now for the bottom vent for the PSU I used some nails to make rails it's not the cleanest method but it works aligning everything so I can nail it all together now to make a back panel
  6. alright now that i have the case time to open it and strip it down to get some measurements
  7. just got the first shipment of parts to start a custom wooden mastercase maker 5