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  1. try a little wd40 where the screws meet the bolt. may loosen it up some. funny thing is my hyper 212 is on my i7 2600 right now. i had this same issue with removing the cooler from my old AMD fx. i had to use my cordless drill on impact mode to "tap" it free.
  2. agello24

    will it fit?

    only if your motherboard came with a am3 bracket kit. my asus am4 prime board came with the am3 brackets.
  3. hello, does anyone know if the MasterFan Pro 120 Air Pressure fans will fit on a 212 evo? i using it for my ryzen 5 1600. its running in the low 60's when i edit videos. my fx 8310 run in the mid 50 when i edited videos.
  4. you guys should try a AMD socket AM1 bracket for the AMD am1 chips. Artic alpine m1 is an aluminum cooler and no one makes copper cooper for the overclockers. you dont have to supply it with the tx3 cooler, just make it a separate attachment being sold on the site or by our favorite,