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  1. Sure, it's nothing fancy as far as graphic cards as I don't use it for gaming, just CGI rendering which is all off the CPU. Gigabyte MB with the i7 4770 CPU, 16gb Crucial Ballistix Elite ram, NVidia GeForce GT 640, Windows 10 64bit. The two 120mm fans are Corsair Air Series Performance Edition High Airflow AF120, all squeezed into a smallish Zalman tower. With the tower open for the photo it was idling at 24°C, ambient room temperature was 20°C.
  2. Paul_Corfield

    Seidon 120V

    Dual fan mounting of the Seidon 120V
  3. I fitted a Seidon 120V VER.2 yesterday to replace the stock cooler on my Intel i7 4770. I do a lot of intensive rendering in Houdini FX and Cinema 4D and noticed the other day during a 22 hour long render that the temps were up at 100°C on all 4 cores running at 100%. To remedy that I took the side panel off and aimed a desktop fan running at full blast into the tower. That got temperatures down to an average of 76°C for that long render but going forward I needed a solution and the Seidon 120V was my choice, plus it's very budget friendly. I don't have the biggest tower, the rear fans are only 80mm fittings but the side panel is vented with fittings for two 120mm fans which is how I have it configured. In the past those two big fans were enough to keep temperatures manageable during the long renders, I guess new thermal paste would have been a quick fix but better cooling was going to be the sensible long term solution. I took one of the fans off of the side panel to make room for the Seidon 120V and seeing as I now had a spare fan I fitted that to the Seidon to make it a dual fan set-up. With the Seidon at idle the temperatures are averaging 26°C to 31°C and during a render with all cores at 100% the temperature maxes out at 58°C to 61°C with the fan only increasing to around 1500rpm. Very pleased with the results.