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  1. cavalier

    incredibly noisy

    thanks for the hopefully valuable advice. i will start with the case padding (cheap and easy...) and look for a different fan for the processor. after listening carefully into the opened box, i really believe the standard fans of the cav-case are not noisy. however, i am not certain about the psu..... unfortunately nothing changeable there. I'll post here what worked how well (or not...). cheers
  2. cavalier

    incredibly noisy

    I just bought the cav T04 'cause it really makes a nice HTPC. It looks great, but....... is there any way how I can substantially reduce that noise level? Inside there's a P4 3GH with the standard cooler on it. I assume, it's the chassis fans and the PSU which roar. Case padding is already ordered. So, I'm grateful for any other suggestions to reduce the noise. E.g. chassis fans that fit (power plugs!) and are less noisy than the standard or even a different PSU which (easily fits!) and is like 13db or less. thanks for advice. cheers