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  1. Thanks Cptn! Actually I'm using the Core P5. I wanted the larger frame to accommodate the radiators and tubing for the twin MSI SeaHawk GTX-1070's. I tried the P3 but it got too cramped. Also this gives me room for possible upgrades in the future. Running the GTX's in the "normal" alignment and not using the riser cables.....that made for simpler tubing runs also.
  2. Hi All, Still working the Kaiju-01 build, but here are pics so far....
  3. Thanks for the info regarding the riser cables! I'll keep that in mind if I switch orientation. (At my limit for posting today...talk more soon. Take care.)
  4. Of course!..... same stuff happens to me too.
  5. Initially at least I plan to run my video cards in the traditional orientation. I need to do this to run the radiator tubing from the hybrid cooler in an organized manner. If that doesn't work, or if I have to consider NVMe M.2 heat issues I may try reorienting them with the riser cables too.
  6. My ASUS board has a bios control panel where I can adjust all the MOBO fan controllers. Is that an option with your MOBO?
  7. I'm going to give it a try, because I think the heat will be manageable. The 2.5" SSDs don't have any active cooling and they are just a PCB inside an aluminum enclosure. But if I'm wrong, I'll open it up and mount a cooling fan directing at it. I'm also mounting everything in a CORE P-5 that's very open for air flow. At least that's my madness at the moment!
  8. Like your install Randy. Like you I like to tweak my design a bit. I'm working with an ASUS TUF Sabertooth x99 MB and Intel i7-6850k. Going to also run 2 MSI GTX-1070 Seahawks (hybrid coolers) in SLI. The 92 is going to go well with the hybrid cooling set-up. Once done I'll share some pics....just gotta get the EVO!.....
  9. Hi all! Just signed up...got my MLM92 day before yesterday and can't wait to install it into my new build. Unfortunately am still waiting for my operating drive: SAMSUNG's new 960EVO NVMe (1TB)!