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  1. Does CM have a RMA center in India? Do they have small collection centers in major cities (like corsair does) where I can drop-off the PSU for RMA?
  2. me: *regrets buying CM*
  3. Hi, I have "Cooler Master V750 - Compact 750W 80 PLUS Gold Semi-Modular PSU". When I connect it to power cord I am getting a buzzing noise similar to this. When I switch-off the on PSU power button I still get the same noise. I am already using a surge protector and my electricity connection is grounded. I am not using any PCI GPU. Is this coil whine? I have just purchased a new GPU which will be arriving in ~November. I don't want to damage it. What should I do now? Product was bought from amazon and it's about a year old.