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  1. hi how can i add multiple case fan into my system ?? MY system config:- I7 6800K RAM DDR4 16gb single... X99a MSI motherboard cpu fan CM Hyper 212x CM 912half normal graphic card ( but add atleast 1080p GC in future) I bought 3 fan ... 2 Cooler master sickle flow x 120mm and 1 arctic 140mm pwm fan I want to add one arctic 140mm pwm on my case (side ) and 2 cooler master 120mm sicklflow X fan (as an exhaust) on top of the case .. already one back fan and cooler master hyper 212x in my system. So, how can I install this fan on my system guys ?? Is this right case fan for my system according to my rigg ? I want to add arctic fan on motherboard and CM sickle flow x fan as a exhaust fan on top and want to attach with psu (I dnt want to add extra load on my mother board.) .. so will be good idea?? sorry no knowledge about computer hardware. dnt know i m thinking right or wrong. So plz advise me how can I install multiple case fan n where should i install on mobo or with psu. and sickle fan can be use as exhaust fan for top. how many case fan should we install in system?? Thanks
  2. naVn

    Graphic card suggestion

    Thanks for the info Mohd Noh.....
  3. naVn

    Graphic card suggestion

    Thanks for ur reply ... SLI means two graphics card ?? Right now i wil use only one graphic card..
  4. naVn

    Graphic card suggestion

    I m m not that much technical.. can u give me lil bit idea ?? however i checked here and its showing apx 500w needed .. so is it trust-able ? u can also suggest me.. if 1080 8g sli car not best for me ... i can go down with 1070 or 1060 or 980ti anywhere... not a issue. Thanks Naveen
  5. Hello I m naveen I have psu CM gx-2 650 bronze in india.... I want to update my graphic card .. So, let me know How high-end graphic card supported by this PSU... May be I'l choose b/w :- gtx geforce 980ti , 1070 or 1080 8gb SO let me know.. Is this work with this PSU?? And how High End graphic card i can use with this PSU?? MY system config:- I7 6800K RAM DDR4 16gb single... X99a MSI motherboard cpu fan CM Hyper 212x CM 912half Thanks Naveen
  6. naVn

    gx-ii 650 bronze

    Thanks a lot for ir quick reply bhai.. its really great ... Exact advise I asked cm about psu warranty.. lets see wht reply i wil get.. Thanks a lot again
  7. naVn

    gx-ii 650 bronze

    Hello Folks I bought Gx-ii 650 bronze is good psu?? 2nd its discontinued now so what about warranty i recently buy only 7days used... and which graphics card suit with this ?? I hv i7 6800k processor msi sli plus mobo cm 912 half combat cabinate i m into video editing so no gaming card.. 2nd i want to know how to registered cabin-ate for 2 year warranty. no serial no i found on it. 3rd I want to know for cooling I m using CM hyper 212x cooler its alone enough for cooling in Indian conditions?? any app or software which can judge my system cooling while working ? so that i can know my system is under control. Thanks a lott