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  1. Thanks dude! totally fixed it! helped me alot! i appreciate it very much <3
  2. Hey guys, yesterday i got my keyboard and mouse combo ! as soon as i got it i pluged it into my pc and everything worked fine, as soon as i tried to play with the keyboard at a first person shooter game i realised my keyboard seem to be "stucked", like if i'm pressing the W button for around 1 second it starts to buffer. like i press it multible times repeatedly. i searched on the forum and i've seen someone with the same problem as i had but still couldn't manage to fix my problem. may someone help me please? link to the problem of the other guy from the site: http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/13271-i-cant-hold-buttons-on-my-new-cm-storm-octane-keyboard/ Please help me ASAP.