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  1. Plato

    Silent M2 620W cables needed

    Hi, Yes, I know a lot of time passed since I last asked this question. I shelved the PSU after getting tired of finding compatible cable. But now I need to power a group of HDDs for my NAS ( as external secondary )... I decided to sleeve my old dead PSU's cables for this PSU. But I need a correct output for the PCI-E outputs ( not SATA / IDE outputs ).. I would have tried with Volt-meter but I couldn't find where I put it... So, yes it's stupid to do without it but could somebody give me information about outputs? I know they're not the standard, because as I heard from CM, my PSU is from a faulty batch which have different cables then standard ones. They fixed the cables in the factory, so original cables fit, but I don't have the original cables for this PSU. Does anybody know the output pins for these PSUs PCI-E pin output?
  2. Plato

    Silent M2 620W cables needed

    Hi, Like you said I ordered from I also asked CM support before buying and they said I have to buy this cable ( PCI-E 6 PIN TO 2X(6+2) PIN (MODULAR/FLAT CABLE) ). But unfortunately the cable didn't work. While thes cable fits to my graphics card and PSU, when attached the PC doesn't boot up and PSU only clicks. When I detach the cable I can use the PC but of course not graphics card. I'm using Nvidia GTX 780 Ti and the mainboard is Asus Maximus Impact VIII with i7 6700K. I was using the same graphics card with another PSU and mainboard before. What could be the problem? Before saying that maybe MB has a problem with graphics card, mainboard boots with graphics card, but displays that I need to attach power cables if I power up without attaching power cables. So I can understand that MB could access to graphics card. I had a similar problem with another PSU and uncompatible cable before. At first I thought the PSU may be the problem but after examining, I realized that I attached the cable from the same brand but from an older PSU. When I attached new cable it ran without problem. So I suspect that the cable I bought may be compatible with V series but not compatible with Silent M2 Pro... Is this possible? What should I do in this situation?
  3. Hi everyone, I bought this PSU in the past but now I'm building a water cooled mini-PC and I planned to use it on this system. But I found out that I misplaced the modular cables.. Is it possible to find these cables anywhere else? I checked ebay etc, but they're selling copies for $20 minimum for one cable only. If anyone is willing to sell them, I need 4x SATA, 2x molex (IDE) and 2x PCI-E power cables..