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  1. Hi I live in Spain (Europe) The parts was sent from cooler master They thought that the problem was the PCB and they said that if the problem didn't solve then I had to contact them again. But the problem is solved. Yes, I registered my product first. No, I didn't use that option. https://account.coolermaster.com/Modules/eRMA/Member/Announcement.aspx good luck, I hope your problem is solved. (and sorry for my english )
  2. Hi, I created a support ticket and I explained my problem. They sent me the PCB and I didn't send anything back and I didn't send anything back to the shop (where I bought the case). Cooler master sent me the PCB in a few days.
  3. Hello Knud, I've received the PCB. I changed it and now all works perfectly. thank you so much for all, I'm very happy with cooler master.
  4. I have already removed the PCB and still does not work
  5. When I press the button the light turn on but it doesn't work (The led control function) PD: the case is purchased this week, the day 10/10/2016
  6. Hi, I have the same problem, the USB ports and fan speed controller are working fine. I've done all recommendations (RE-plug the data cable on the fan hub pcb (behind the motherboard), Re-plug the LED strip cable and check the molex and sata power connector) but the LED button doesn't work. The LED button doesn't turn on But If I press the LED button, it turn on and I can hear noise. What can I do? thanks