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  1. and one more think when puter dissconect to AC for afew hours come this problem for me
  2. tanx for reply Do you have a legitimate windows license? no sir do you have another PSU to try and test it with? today i test by new psu and answer to you here
  3. Hello Dear friends My system has the following characteristics Motherboard asuss x99 pro3.1 cpu6850 250 gig ssd evo850 samsung power 650 v semi modular quadro k1200 I've installed Windows 10 but reaparing automatic message after Windows was used several times I installed Windows again.But the message came back after a week And now I can not install any Windows What is wrong? I did everything that was related software And I BIOS update and now i chenged ssd but i have agin this problem is it possible the problem of my power supply?????????