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  1. I see, if the LED bars with other colors that works with the LED button ever comes out please do notify me. I've been waiting ever since I bought the case, thanks
  2. Sorry for the super late reply of mine... So the 2 pin header on the maker 5 is indeed different from my friend's CM 690 II Advanced, since it works on his. From point number 2 we could say that these fans are not compatible with the case, since the 2 pin header on the maker 5 have it's own power source. Even though the part that broke was the PCB instead of the fans, fragile huh. My bad for only having assumptions based on the question I asked here without further research. Anyways thanks a lot for pointing this out. Have anyone already tried any LED fans that have special features with this case (plugged into the PCB)? Such as the new Corsair RGB fans or the Thermaltake RGB Riing fans? I wouldn't risk my PCB again with my assumptions anymore.. Thanks
  3. Sorry I didn't had the chance to give an immediate reply - The fans that I used was Bitfenix Spectre Pro 140mm. - Yes the LED header from the fans was the same as the header of the red LED bar that comes with the case (2-pin headers). - I already made sure the positive and negative not mistaken. - Probably only cooler master fans were compatible? Ever heard someone use other than cooler master fans? I used Bitfenix Spectre Pro 140mm fans, the LED header was the same as the LED strip, and it fits perfectly to the PCB.
  4. I plugged in the 2-pin LED cables from the fans to the controller, and the moment I turned on my PC, a component on the controller board got toasted.. Here's the picture It turns out that this damaged the LED mode toggling function completely (to the led bar nor the led fans), even though I've tried removing the 2-pin led fan cable or the fans itself from the controller board. I thought if it was not compatible it would just not function with the led fans, I didn't expect the controller board would end up like this. I did use the same kind of fans that my friend have on his CM 690 II Advanced though. Any thoughts...?
  5. Hi, May I ask what region do you live? The parts was sent from cooler master or from your local cooler master distributor/shop? After you submit the ticket, how did they know that the problem was the PCB and not the I/O Panel? Did you registered your product first before submitting a ticket? Did you use this option ? Sorry for all the questions, because I don't want to remove any parts from my case, leaving my PC unusable for days until I get the replacement, thanks.
  6. Yes I did submit a ticket. The agent told me to send back the whole case to the shop, which I'm incapable to do because of some reasons like I no longer have my old PC case and I need my PC to do my work daily, the shop is from a different city, etc. So I wanted to ask Txaber how did he get the specific parts sent to him. And do we have to send anything back to the shop or we just order the parts, sit back and wait for it to be delivered?
  7. Hi Txaber, I just wanted to ask the steps you did to receive the replacement parts you needed. Would you share the details?
  8. I have just submitted a support ticket. But I've just realized that I forgot to fill my product number & serial number field. Would that be okay? Or should I submit another ticket?
  9. Could you kindly explain more details about this support ticket method? What are the steps after I submit one? (Sorry for these noob questions)
  10. Hi, I want to ask whether Mastercase Maker 5's LED controller hub (2-pin header) is compatible with LED fans that have on-the-flight light switching feature? A friend of mine has a CM 690 II Advanced with built in LED on/off toggle button just like the Maker 5 does, and he bought aftermarket LED fans from B*tfen*x (it got 2-pin header for LED toggling that goes to the LED controller hub just like the Red LED bar that comes with the Maker 5) and it works, the LED on the fans could be turned on & off). I was wondering if Maker 5's LED controller hub would do the same? Thanks
  11. Yes, it could be that the LED button part was faulty to begin with, seeing the other functions of the I/O panel works perfectly fine (Fan speed controller and USB ports). Does opening the I/O panel will void the case warranty? May I ask this since I'm still new to Cooler Master cases, If I were to claim the case warranty, is there any chance that I will receive a new replacement unit instead of only the I/O panel replacement? A friend told me that ordering replacement parts tends to take more time than getting a complete new replacement unit. Since my Maker 5 case is brand new and the LED button problem was there from the beginning, which makes me a bit disappointed to get a defect component for a case at this price. (Sorry in advanced if something I said may have offended anyone, thanks)
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, the LED strip is already on, since the first time I turned on my PC with this case. - I did re-plug the data cable (SW1 & SW2 according to the manual), didin't fix the problem - I did re-plug the LED strip cable, even tried to plug it to the other 3 remaining LED ports, still nothing have changed - I checked the molex was properly plugged in (lighting up the i/o panel LED indicator for the USB ports), the sata power also was properly plugged in since the fans that were connected to the controller and the fan controller works just fine, the red LED strip also lights up. - Yes I could hear the clicking sound when I pressed the LED button. Is there anything else I should try?
  13. Hello I'm from Indonesia, I have just bought and received my brand new Cooler Master Maker 5. It was cool indeed and I like it very much. However, after I installed and connected all that needed to be connected, I am currently facing with one problem with the LED toggle button on the front panel. Of which that is one of the primary reasons why I chose the Maker 5 instead of the Pro 5. The problem I am dealing with right now is when I pressed the button, the Red LED Bar that comes with it couldn't be turned off or even switched to breathing mode. No effect occurred to the LED bar. However, when I tried the fan speed control button, it worked perfectly. Also the USB ports worked just fine. So please advise on which part I could do the troubleshooting. I already connected the Sata power to the controller, the fans and LED were already pre-installed to the controller. And also kindly advise on which process and when should I call for warranty claim. Many thanks in advanced