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  1. I will do that. any tips to prevent it to happen again?
  2. My camera dindt pick it up as well but you can hear it link:
  3. Hey Knud, I have tryed all what you had said before but even on 90% is the noise there. What should i do?
  4. Hey Knud, I have done what you said, i put the pomp on the molex and the fans on the PWM header. But now after 2 days my pump is making a little more noise. What should i do? Just run it and hoping that it will go away or do i need to RMA (where im not really fan of)?
  5. Hey everyone, I just bought a Nepton 240m. It is my first AIO cooler and I got some Qestion. Can i put it direct on full rpm or do i need to build up the rpms? And how long will it take that?