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  1. Yeah, earlier they said it's M4 x 6mm and now claims M5 x 8mm - and said both screw types will work. Think I gotta try and find it myself
  2. Good to know. I just got the response to my ticket though. Just wants to confirm the correct screw type.
  3. Thanks, Enrico Yeah, I was looking at countersunk (flat) heads as mentioned in OP. Finally, I've got a response from the Cooler Master Support and said it's M4 x 6mm. But this thread suggests otherwise - Anyway, ordered both types and will find out the perfect type when I receive 'em.
  4. Actually, I did and haven't got any response from them. Hence I tried the forum instead.
  5. Not a complaint about JetFlo itself. It's working fine and I can mount too. But the screws get in the way of securing side panel. I've attached a photo of it.
  6. Hello, I've recently purchased a JetFlo 120mm fan to mount on my case - rear mount. Now that I mounted it, I can't secure the side panel completely. It touches the JetFlo's round screw head and leaves a gap between side panel and casing. Can you guys let me know the type of screw it has? So I can find similar screws with a flat head and then secure the side panel. I tried the screws came with my casing and used for other case fans, but they didn't go with JetFlo. Came across similar screws, but not sure if it has the same thread or not - M3 / M4 / M5 Thanks.