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  1. I could not get a when from their message. If I get additional info I will put it within this thread.
  2. John, Just confirmed with our store and they said Yes!
  3. Jamie and Richard, I've been made aware that the products you are inquiring are not supported by the application. I apologize on any inconvenience cause by my post.
  4. 40 engineers + 2 years + $$$ spent on R&D = The last PSU you'll ever need. Smooth and stable. With temps so low the titanium shell stays cool to the touch. Made with the engineering excellence the Japanese are famous for. Pre-Order Here
  5. Please follow this link to pre-order
  6. 20 lucky winners will be awarded PC game codes for the upcoming For Honor from Ubisoft. Wait a minute…..there’s more!! One “honorable” warrior will also win an MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and a Cooler Master MasterMouse S Enter the giveaway here
  7. Banker, Hyper 212 EVO will receive the backplate. Please refer to this post which talks about compatibility. Regards, Xtian1
  8. Hi Richard, Carlos and Jamie, Could you confirm if by installing the update released on Jan 19, 2017 and found here solves the issue? Regards, Xtian1
  9. Kartana and FruitLoop, Thanks for your feedback on this product. I just passed along your comments on the MasterKeys Software issue and they mentioned it should be addressed with latest software update. Let me know if this solves your issue.
  10. Thanks for you feedback, we will look into it
  11. Intel and AMD’s announcements of their next-gen Kaby Lake and Ryzen processors might have some of you wondering whether you’ll be looking at a total overhaul of your cooling and power supplies to accommodate the new chipsets and motherboards. Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, has already prepared for the launch of these CPUs so you can apply your existing CPU coolers and power supplies to the upgraded chips. Power Supply Compatibility Here is a list of Cooler Master’s power supplies currently compatible with next generation processors: MasterWatt Maker Series V Series GM Series New GX Series Air and Liquid Cooling Compatibility Virtually all of Cooler Master’s liquid and air coolers are compatible with Intel Kaby Lake’s LGA 1151 socket. For AMD Ryzen’s AM4 socket, any models lacking native compatibility can be adapted using an upgrade kit. Check the attachment for compatible models, and contact your local retailer or tech support to check for the availability of upgrade kits.
  12. Hey Community, We have been a bit busy working on this tool for our community to streamline the entire PC building journey. Give us your thoughts and suggestions!