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  1. Community get ready, because we want you to come here to Computex 2017 here in Taipei! Video Requirements Video must have the minimum resolution of 720p. 1080p and above preferred. Video length cannot exceed 45 seconds. At least one Cooler Master product/logo must appear clearly visible in the video for a minimum duration of one second. There are many creative ways to fit logos and products into the video! Film equipment: as this is a social media contest, we recommend taking the video with a smartphone. Smaller and more versatile DSLRs, point-and-shoots, or camcorders are acceptable. How to Enter Create your video entry. Upload it to your YouTube page. Fill out the form here Like our Facebook Page
  2. Hi! Have you tried this ?
  3. Thanks for your efforts on this matter! I will share this thread with the Business Unit so that they are aware of these findings.
  4. Good observation, thanks for the feddback. Will pass this along to the business unit so that they can re-write it.
  5. Gacnt, by refering to this link I think your MasterLiquid Pro 120 is already supported.
  6. Hi Daniel, We are sad to hear you are having difficulties with your installation. Could you provide us with clear and detailed pictures to get a better understanding of the problem itself and that way involve the business unit for assistance on these new models. Regards, Xtian1
  7. "The MasterMouse S is one of those mice that can just do-it-all" -Vortez You can find the review here
  8. Francisco, Welcome to the forums! I am happy to inform you that we do have representatives there. You can contact them through their FB page . Please refer to this link where we will be updating the compatibility list for AM4, but as you can see, our team is working on our previous products.
  9. Michael, Hi! Yes it will, please refer to this link for the compatibility list.
  10. Thanks for your feedback on the product on the LED. Glad to hear you had a great experience with the cooler and we'll be waiting to see those pictures.
  11. Here are the winners of our For Honor Giveaway!
  12. I could not get a when from their message. If I get additional info I will put it within this thread.
  13. John, Just confirmed with our store and they said Yes!