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  1. I am having the same issue for linux and I've been trying to fix this issue for about a year now. I have been having difficulty figuring out why this issue is happening. Sometimes this issue happens more often when I cilck a key from one side to the other. Sometimes it happens when I switch to the numpad and back. It happens A LOT when I starting using the backspace. It sometimes happens when I start typing too fast but it also seems to happen even when I'm typing slow. Sometimes I'll spam the keys super fast and I can start noticing it lag, then other times I'll spam an entire page of letters and it won't lag a bit. I want to say it mostly happens when pressing space/esc/backspace/forward slashes. Any type of symbol or arrow key or space. There has to be something causing this issue other than it just seemingly being entirely random. I would really like to hear from CM for a potential fix for this as I've spent many hours now researching and testing this issue and trying to find a solution.