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  1. Oh, I forgot to ask now that Tron 1.0 is complete, how loud/annoying are your power inverter(s)? I'm only using one that has a sound controlled feature and it gets annoying pretty quick with that high pitched constant noise. Also, if you used 2 power inverters, is one for exterior and one for interior lighting? If so, would love to see pics with each turned on individually.
  2. Wow, amazing work! I believe I see the front cover has a splitter connection and EL wire on front cover looks separate from case so it can be easily removed, smart. I have an EL wire strand on inside edges of side panel window that I have to disconnect when taking off. It's worth it. Also like how the EL wire along the bottom edge acts as a nice underlighting! Very talented. Any plans to replace those red LEDs on I/O panel? Would require soldering, but not too difficult unless they are SMD LEDs. Those can be a pain because of how small they are.
  3. Love the Tron disc! Smart move by using water-based paint. EL modding definitely takes some time and planning. Took myself quite a while to figure out how long my top panel EL wire strand needed to be and the best way for me to install it. This one strand ended up being 9 feet long and here's my layout for it. Looking forward to seeing the next update on your two Tron builds. Keep up the great work!
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    Decepticon Build
  5. Fall is here and when it comes to air cooling you can't go wrong with a Phanteks PH-TC14PE. If you have low profile RAM sticks, you should have no issues. If you have tall, high profile RAM sticks, you may have to modify a cooling tower to get it to fit, but this is pretty simple to do. I had to modify it to fit with my Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM. Once modified and installed, a cooling tower covered up 2 of my 4 sticks of RAM so at that point I decided to cover up the other 2 RAM sticks by using a third 120mm fan which had to be smaller than other 2 fans in order to fit with my RAM and still be able to line up properly with other 2 fans. Oh, I also did the sharpie mod on the 3 fans to make the Phanteks lettering stand out. It's a great, massive air cooler and with 3 fans plus a rear exhaust fan, that's 4 fans in a row pushing a hurricane of air out the back.
  6. Nice work! Reminds me a bit of my Stryker. Always glad to see others use EL wire and EL tape on their PCs. I like the grooves you cut out with a dremel tool for the EL wire to fit in. I would have done the same thing. I bet it took a while to get all those grooves cut out. It's worth it in the end. I can tell you have planned out your layout for EL wire quite well. Only a trained eye could really tell where one EL wire ends and another begins. Also, your holes you drilled for EL wire to fit through look good too. I've seen a few people drill EL wire holes straight through instead of at angles. This makes EL have to bend at 90 degrees to get through the hole which doesn't always look as clean. Just curious how many strands of EL wire do you plan on using and how many feet of it will you be powering in total? I am currently using 6 strands of super-bright EL wire totaling 19 feet, a six-way splitter, and one power inverter. I'm sure you will be using more feet than I am. My power inverter has a sound controlled option which is pretty cool. Looks like the power inverters you are currently using are simply on / off. With those two inverters, you should have enough power to support as much feet of regular or super-bright EL wire as you need especially if you split up your total footage between your inverters the best you can. You could wire the on / off switches together from your two inverters to have one switch instead of two if you wanted, but keeping two switches would be cool to turn on different sections at a time like maybe one switch for exterior EL lighting and the other for interior EL lighting. Please let us know how loud the high-pitched constant noise is coming from 2 power inverters. I can only imagine. I have tried surrounding my power inverter with sound damping foam blocks and it didn't help. If I'm wearing headphones, I can't hear it. I am glad that they have off switches though because that noise gets annoying unless you drown it out with music or something. If you come up with a better solution to dampen that sound, please let me know. Here's a tip for you in case you don't know this: Never have power going to your power inverter unless you have your EL wire / splitter already connected. If you send power to your power inverter and the inverter is turned on without it being connected to your EL wire, you can easily burn up, fry, and melt your power inverter. Even though I knew about this, I have accidentally melted a power inverter before by doing this. I look forward to seeing your progress. Keep up the great work!