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  1. So I shipped my V750 back to CM and they received it from FedEx on Monday at 11:21AM. It is now 2 days later and my RMA status still tells me to return the product. It's supposed to take 7-10 business days after they receive my item for them to ship out the replacement. But they aren't even acknowledging that they have it for 48 hours already. I'd love to use the Live support and talk to someone but it's offline at 2:30pm Eastern time(11:30am where CM is) on a Wednesday? This should be right in the middle of business hours... I need to get my PSU back ASAP so I don't have to run my system on my 5 year old 600Watt Corsair PSU which is barely enough, and after seeing so many horror stories about CM's RMA services and people waiting forever to get their items back, I'm seriously considering just buying a new PSU and then figuring out what to do with my V750 when/if I ever get the thing back.