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  1. Thanks! Can this also be done with the Realpower350 unites (utlizing 2) in the CM Stacker? Would save me a chunk of change...
  2. In preparation for my purchase of a Nforce4-SLI setup with dual 6800 Ultras (whenever they are out ), I'd like to add a second Real Power 450W PS in my CM Stacker (I like the aesthetical symmetry of it all anyhow ). 1 will be used mainly for motherboard and fans. The other for the GPU and other peripherals. The problem is getting the second unit to turn on. I assume that you just have to adjoin the two 4 pin wire connectors together (I have soldering skills)? ANything else you need to do?
  3. Anyone tried to use the Vortex Ultra with A64 DTR? Since the Vortex Ultra doesn't require a retention frame for the socket, and instead uses the backplate as the support, this may work well (it's also height "adjustable" to a degree)....any feedback appreciated as I'm thinking of changing out my CPU soon...