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  1. Yes indeed, pooling rate was the problem and I figured that out few days after I made my previous post here, but I kinda wanted to see when am I gonna get an answer from the staff and then replay. Thank you tho.
  2. Hello! I have MasterKey Pro L model for a several months now and I've been patient with this problem, since the product is still kinda new, hoping it is a software problem and that CM would improve the software and fix the problem but now I am not so sure if that will ever happen, so I decided to ask for advice here, before opening a support ticket. The problem is that no matter which multi color mode I use, my keyboard start to act strange: -Alt+tab function starts to change windows very-very fast, -Keys input letters much faster than normal, -And the biggest problem of all - my in game characters start to stutter and its pretty much impossible to play in any other than single color static mode. In some modes even if I press some button very fast it will input something like 7-8 letters at once. Ive tried all possible things that I found on the web, been reading a lot and I'm not sure what to do now. I also wanted to ask other users of this keyboard if they have yellow color in "color wave" mode, since I don't?