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  1. panthervca

    Terrible Customer Support for Parts Purchase

    I figured out how to order. You have to estimate shipping to Canada first then update the cart. Then it will let you update your address and billing.
  2. panthervca

    any sites for mastercase 5 pro in canada yet?

    I got mine through NCIX. (cant get the radiator/fan bracket to ship to canada through cooler master but thats on another thread)
  3. panthervca

    Terrible Customer Support for Parts Purchase

    i am having the exact same issue. I have tried multiple times as well and am unable to select a province instead of a State.
  4. panthervca

    Master Case 5 vs Pr 5 Side Panel dimensions

    So I decided to order the Master Case Pro 5. Looking up the PDF manual (and I am a noob at this) what screwdrivers do I need to go buy to tinker around inside building the computer if anyone is able to give me a quick run down that would be great. At this point it is just installing all the gear for my first time building a computer. A second question would be has anyone painted this case for their own customization. I would be insterested to know what paint you used.
  5. Are the side dimensions and screw points on the Master Case Maker 5 and Master Case Pro 5 the same were the panel goes for putting an after market side window on either case?